Home: An Exploration

Exhibition with Gary Llama
May 27, 2011 - June 25, 2011

Appeared in Fourth Fridays Art Walk, May 2011

Onetribe Organics
211 W 7th St. Second Fl
Richmond, Virginia 23224

The concept of home is a relative one. To some, it may invoke a specific place, others a certain condition. It may be a concept that invokes happiness, or it may be a place of pain. For each and every one one of us, our idea of "home" shapes the way we consider the world around us: where we feel safe, where we feel at ease, where we feel "at home."

This project lead us on a survey of our idea of home. For the emotional aspect of home, we created situations throughout the show that illuminated our feelings, giving the viewer a chance to experience what we felt was our home. For the physical aspect of home, we cataloged over one hundred abandoned buildings throughout the city. To some people, these were the places they called home. We photographed each one, and noted it's address on our map. This show answered some questions for us with what we feel about home. In other areas, it opened up new questions.