Richmond Juried Photography Exhibition 2012

Group Exhibition
Feb. 26 2012 - Apr. 15, 2012

12 12 Gallery
0 East 4th Street #39
Richmond, Virginia 23224

Pictured right: "apologetic despondence" by M. Osborn © 2011

Juror Statement: "The breadth of work submitted for the show was stunning in its originality. I was particularly impressed by the technical and compositional excellence of the entries. The photographers proved innovative in capturing scenes from fresh angles and with gorgeous light. The group as a whole demonstrated a keen command of the camera and a dogged desire to reveal Richmond from a new perspective.

The winners made beautiful and technically flawless images, showing us glimpses of Richmond we may all see, but never before like this. These photographers found the nuance that makes the medium so intriguing. The winners made all the right decisions. They went to the right location when the light was perfect, and made great choices in composition. Each of these winning images works so well because the photographer's expertise provides the viewer an opportunity to revel in moment when everything came together. These images have no flaws and no extraneous content. They are done so well the viewer can simply lose themselves in the moment and enjoy."

- Scott Elmquist